Starting the Metabolic Efficiency Journey

I would like to talk to you about how the work with Bob Seebohar and eNRG performance has positively impacted my training as well ask my everyday overall feeling and focus.

How I started:

It was short before Thanksgiving. At that time, my daily eating routines were scattered all throughout the day. I never honestly felt full after my meals, and I was always wondering what my next healthy food choice would be.  I had taken a record of my nutrition on both training and non-training days. Everything was all over the place. I was eating healthy, there were no processed foods, mostly all organic whole food sources, yet there was a high intake of nuts and zero structure or intent to my meals.
On heavy bike training sessions,  I would have a far higher calorie intake for breakfast. Which may make sense at first, however, if for whatever reason that bike session would not take place, I would now find myself with an excess calorie intake and nowhere to put it. But there is already the first faulty thought pattern. It rests on the assumption that it is a calorie in and calories out game. However, this is not how our body functions. The body doesn't simply reset its calorie intake at midnight and say “okay now you are allowed to take in 2500 calories within the next 24 hours. 

Why was I looking for a nutritionist, to begin with?

My body fat and weight had plateaued. I was lean above the hips, but my legs were clinging on to extra weight. Whether this has a physical impact or not, it for sure had a mental impact on how I perceived myself. They say “never compare” but come on! If I am going to turn this body of mine into the best machine possible, then I want to learn how to become more efficient in my energy burn. But my knowledge stopped here. I ha no idea how I would be able to decrease my bodyweight but maintain my strength and endurance for training. I did try methods like counting calories to create a  deficit at the end of the day. This only work for about three days until I caved in by binging on chocolates. This was a clear signal that I was not fueling my body properly and needed to make a change.  The body will take what it wants, and it shows up in cravings. Good luck fighting those! 

After the introduction call with Bob:

I now had very easy rules to live by and organize my meals around. The size of my right hand should be all the green vegetables and non-starchy veggies, and the left hand should be proteins, namely lean meats, good fish and healthy fats. He also suggested that I only eat one serving of fruit per day for now. This was a big surprise to me because I never thought all that fruit could have such an impact on becoming metabolically more efficient. Because that is what this is about. Becoming metabolically more efficient. In other words, we have about 1500 cal saved in glycogen which is our muscle and liver stored carbohydrates. We have about 50,000 calories save in our body fat, which makes and all the more logical to be able to utilize this fat storage and teach the body to use its glycogen more effectively.

I asked Bob about coffee, and I was afraid that he would say no you're not allowed to drink coffee anymore for whatever reason. To my surprise, he suggested that I should have my coffee with cream or half-and-half. Let me tell you this makes my Coffee taste so much better. Before I was putting 2% milk coffee it never quite worked for me.

So now, my daily nutrition consisted of a very orderly routine.
I make sure to space the main meals about 3-4 hours apart. I have one snack between lunch and dinner that consists of similar ratios as the main meals. 

Positive effects include:

- I have dropped 3 lbs, and I have gotten faster and stronger over the last two month
- I have far more energy. 
- Feel more leveled. 
- Feel more consistent. I feel like I can use my brainpower on actual problem solving now and not always wonder about what I am going to eat.
- NO MORE GI Distress. I didn’t even realize this until my last evening run, but I used to have a lot of GI problems with running, especially later in the day. I have had zero problems since November!
- No more mood swings due to lack of “sugar.” I used to become a monster if I didn’t have something to eat, now I have learned to tame that beast and just be patient because I know when and what I will be eating. 
- I am getting better at recognizing and distinguishing between actual hunger, boredom hunger, emotional hunger, and thirst.