Before Your Next Keratin Treatment

Keratin: Fad or Fabulous?

Female+Triathlete= Hair Problems. 

I envy my fellow female triathletes that somehow manage to keep their hair healthy despite all the exposure to chlorine, sweat, sun, harsh hair ties, hats and frequent showers. 

Taking care of my hair was never a priority. However, I did care for its health and at least tried to tame it. I have inherited probably the worst and the best of my hair -genes. Curly and Wavy in the front; flat in the back; fine hair but a lot of it. The color is, fortunately, a nice copper red, so at least the color goes very well with the rest of me. 
 But when this sport became more prominent in my life, my hair went from bad to worse. I was so tired of having cabbage on my head that three years ago I decided I should explore Keratin Treatment. 
 It was $350/3 hour session. 3 hours at the hair salon can be a scheduling challenge and not to mention that $350 is a good amount. I was able to push it four months apart before there was an awkward bend in my hair. The $350 covered the service but does not take into account the special shampoo needed, so the Keratin doesn’t break apart as well as the tip for the 3-hour service. That all said, it did give me frizz free hair, and I only had to buy one Moroccan Oil bottle to at least attend to the ends.

For three years I have been enjoying smooth hair. No need to spend time blow drying volume into it because it will not hold. Three years is a long time.What started out as an “I look so pretty” and “This is so convenient” quickly became the new norm. Hair was now not just #5 on my priority list; it was at the way bottom.

I recently had a crazy thought. ”I think I want to have my normal hair back. I should be able to embrace how my hair naturally looks, and learn to live with the funny curls that I have inherited from two of the most influential people in my life.” Crazy-I know.

So finally after six months of a very awkward mid point of straight Keratin and a hard bend of curls, I got myself a hair appointment. No Keratin, just a good quality but not overly expensive hair cut. I loved what I saw. Voluminous red hair, healthier and shiny. And more importantly, this is my natural hair.

It occurred to me then that as convenient as Keratin is, it is also a double-edged sword. 

Hair is a good indicator of your overall health. Caring for your hair also means caring for yourself. Because first and foremost you are a woman and an individual that deserves some “you time.” With Keratin in the hair, there was no need to pay attention to my hair anymore. 

So when a female triathlete comes to me and asks me if Keratin is useful? I will say “sure it is helpful, but it is so convenient that you will stop worrying about your hair health as a whole. So love your hair and respect it.”

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