How your limitations dictate your balance

Balance used to be a child’s play. With a bucket full of Legos and a ruler, you could occupy yourself for hours and build yourself a balance and figure out the counterweight to any small item. 

Well fast forward 20 years, and I am finding myself challenged to establish that balance again and again. I want to add more and more legos to my ruler, and then I find them tumbling down.

Balance is the challenge between responsibilities, opportunities, temptations and respecting your limitations. 

Balance exists with all that we do. 

For example: Take your morning coffee. One cup is great, two cups often necessary, but you are tempted for a third one, because it tastes so good, and gives you such a cozy and energetic feeling, but just like that your balance is thrown off and you get the jitters and are regretting that third cup. 

Or you see what other people are doing in their life and think: “Hey if they do it this way, why don’t I give this a shot!” And it may work for a few weeks, even months, but then all of a sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks. You either get sick, or you get mentally exhausted and start deviating.

The fact is we all have our limitations. And this isn’t to say you can’t stretch them and train them to be further out, but we all have them. And when you are looking at others for inspirations you always have to keep a record of things that can push you over that limit. And when our equilibrium is thrown off, that is when things spin out of control.






Your Limitation (your personal value and not someone else's)


So figure out your breaking point and your limitation. Journal, take notes. Examine all the lego blocks in your life and ask yourself which are necessary and which are such inflicting extra weight that will throw your balance off.

Then go and ruthlessly restore your balance! You owe it to yourself!