On Self Control

Intro to the post-skip if you don't care for my #AprilChallenge #My500word experience.

It is day 8 of my Writing Challenge and waking up earlier. I am waking up earlier because I am convinced that just by starting the day one hour earlier, I will increase my productivity and feel more accomplished. More time for being me, time for not feeling rushed. Time while my two pets, who may as well be my children, are still asleep; although they catch on pretty quickly. It is the time when the world is asleep, and I can focus on just doing one thing, and that is to produce each morning, first thing, my 500 words. Simultaneously I am also reading the “Early to Rise Experience" book. The author suggests that changing your coffee habit, that is if you drink coffee, will help create a new routine. So since a few days, I have come to make a lighter Bulletproof coffee instead of just my regular cup. It is far more of a treat than just a cup of coffee. I seem to savor it more, which makes these first 30 minutes of waking up earlier literally sweeter. That said, this morning seems like I am running on Diesel. The words don't flow as freely, and I certainly feel like I have run out of ideas. So here goes something that I hope other triathletes can benefit from. 


10 steps to harnessing your mind to cycle 4 hours inside because crap, it is raining hard outside

1. The Mind is your power weapon

Get your head in the game. You are going to be on that trainer for four hours. It will not be pretty, so don’t expect the impossible. Be realistic and know that if you do this, you are awesome.

2. Don’t eat the whole cake. Eat piece by piece

Lay out each hour and divide each hour into smaller, less daunting time segments.  Then write down those segments onto smaller pieces of paper and crumble them and toss them into a corner of your room. It will feel great.

3. Define Your Purpose

Plan each segment and give it a purpose. Even if it means the next 10 minutes are for your darling niece. Use tools like Zwift, Sufferfest or TrainerRoad if you can't figure it out.

4. Hydrate and keeping your carrot

Drink 1.5x the amount you usually would and keep the fan as the biggest treat for later in your ride. You will feel miserable, so having that silver bullet for the end will make the difference.  

5. Movement

Each 30 minutes, sit up in your saddle and rotate your upper body, lift your arms, circle them, cycle like you did when you were a child. Let loose. You don’t realize how tight you get on the trainer, and how much more your core is engaged when you are actually on the road. 

6. What is Your magic fuel

Keep your espresso machine on just in case. 

7. Create an Ocean of Sweat but prevent flooding

Towels, lots of towels. 

8. Keep it fresh

Gum, use gum as a pick-me-up. Have some sparkling-water

9. Be Gracious with yourself; this is a Sufferfest

Give yourself consistent words of encouragement, you kick ass, and you can do this. Know that the next time you ride 4 hours outside, it will be almost a walk in the park. But cry if you have to.

10. Accept it: It is what it is

4 hours are 4 hours and 4 hours will pass when 4 hours have passed. You are literally in the saddle here and are in control. The ONLY reason you will not complete the 4-hour ride is because of you, so stop whining and get it done. 

Follow Up:

I am lucky, while I wrote this, the sun came out! 

Follow Up #2:

Aaannnd it is raining again.