On Sports and Pregnancy

Where do you go to look to be inspired?

I do enjoy good inspirational quotes circling around Instagram. Those are always fun. Motivational blog posts are awesome too. Love seeing what others are up to.

But there has been one piece of news in the triathlon community that has had a tremendous impact on me as an athlete and as a woman.

Let’s back up for a moment.

In three months, I am turning 33. That is a little scary to me. I started this nutty triathlon journey about 5 years ago when I signed up for Ironman Lake Tahoe. About three years ago I decided that I would want to pursue this more serious and now I am at a point where I am not afraid to voice my crazy big dream:

I am aiming for the bulls eye-I want to achieve a level in this sport so that I can qualify for my pro card.

That is a really really hard goal. And it is ok if I will never reach it.

Thanks to Purplepatch I have learned to be less German and instead more Italian. Aka, be less of a planner and be more organic in evolving your life.

But I can’t shake it! I am turning 33 and as much as I can still say “I have time” the truth is, time is approaching fast! A lot of things can change in just a matter of a few months, I understand that, however time also goes by quickly.

I can’t shake the fears of running out of time because eventually, I will have to give way to motherhood. I think as an athlete, the idea of your body’s purpose becomes something other than racing and performance is really scary. The idea of it constantly changing and these changes happening to you. At least for me, it is a scary idea.

For the longest time, I thought about adoption. Although I am still very much interested in adoption for obvious reasons, I can’t help but also admit that I too, one day, want to have a child of my own.

But will this mean the end of my triathlon days? Will this mean that this amazing, challenging and fun journey is over?

Will I be able to return to the sport postpartum? And to what extent can I return?

There are several women I follow  on social media on a regular basis, but three became true idols to me, Liz Blatchford. Gwen Jorgensen. Mirinda Carfrae.


They are all EXCEPTIONAL triathletes and they are all on their way to become EXCEPTIONAL mothers.

They all have been transparent on their channels about their pregnancy and it fills me with so much hope, joy and excitement for this once rather dark, mysterious, scary and unknown “what if!”

What these three strong women have enabled is for female triathletes, like me, to see that there is no end to this journey. It may be different, but pregnancy is not some injury that makes you fully incapable of getting back into top shape. Instead, you work on the things you can, and in some of their cases, return to competition after the baby is born.

So before these three, I thought that triathlon will have to end once I make the decision that “it is time.” But now I see that it doesn’t have to be the end!

And as for that goal of mine, I do have time to aim for the bullseye. As I always say, even if I land short, I know I will have aimed for it and worked as hard as I could to get there. If I fall short, then I can still tell my son or my daughter the following:

Give it everything you have. Try hard every day. Don’t ever give up. Dream Big and Enjoy your Life. Make room in your life for the things you want to pursue wholeheartedly. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t live in fear. Embrace change and all the wonders life has to offer. Shine Bright. Now go inspire others.