My Beautycounter Manifesto

 “Let him who would move the world first move himself.”

― Socrates

 It has been a WHILE since I posted anything! The break from social media was good and much needed. Since I stopped pursuing triathlon I have found little inspiration for topics to post about. Through daily training, I felt there was ample amount of content to share in the hopes to educate and to inspire. Now, times have changed. But I found something that I can see myself supporting more and more as time continues. 

I’m excited to begin a new chapter. I have joined Beautycounter.

I have to admit, it took a lot to roll out this post.

Here is why:

Looking at myself and how I think people perceive me, I would be the last person to be representing and supporting a beauty product company. For the last two years I have been diligently watching Lisa Box’s Beautycounter posts and kept clicking on the articles she posted. While I absorbed the new knowledge, I passionately ate my organic foods, ate clean, trained for triathlon, competed and lived a very healthy lifestyle. I took pride in knowing I am at my peak health. I took regular blood tests to make sure my nutrition was on-point. Made sure my food came from good reputable sources. Heck, my dogs get human-grade dog food. Thanks Ollie

But then I slathered on lotion after lotion because my skin was so parched from the pool and the various sunscreens I was using. I got my hair straightened every 6 months. I did focus on buying reputable products like Neutrogena and La Roche Posay. But sometimes I would grab for a CVS brand products and whatever I could find when I ran out of mascara or a kajal pencil. By the way… I still have a kajal pencil from my first big date at age 19, I am 34 now. Why does that thing still work???

 Then one day, Lisa posted an article on sunscreen and something clicked. My Mom’s words “your skin is your largest organ” echoed while reading this article.

And since spring has arrived in California and summer is soon knocking at our door, there is no time better than now to talk briefly about sunscreen:

 Back to my story:

I knew I was about to make a change. I could feel it. I walked into my bathroom and looked at my shelf to marvel at the various products I was using on and off.  Many were samples that were over a year old and still working. Sometimes my face would turn read. Often my eyes burned at night because the lotion I was using was working its way into my eyes. This is where I add that I am fortunate in two ways. I have good skin (probably due to good eating and good fitness-read sweat), but I also have the ability to buy expensive swiss branded skin care products.

Growing up, my Mom suggested I use La Mer and La Prairie. However, I struggled to believe the cost has to be SO high for a daily moisturizer. It shouldn’t have to be so expensive to have healthy skin. It also shouldn’t be so hard to choose healthy products.


But what about my make-up? I had heard before that eye shadow and foundation has included heavy metals like lead and lipgloss includes mercury. But I dismissed it and said “but surely Chanel brand and MAC won’t include heavy metals!”

 Oh how wrong I was.

 For example, Mercury is allowed in eye products as a preservative. It just so happens that the EU has banned close to 1400 ingredients in skin care, the US only 30. Let that sink in. Here is why:

Here is a great article from another company called 100% Pure about this very subject: 

So, I made a choice.

 Why should I guess if my skin care regimen is healthy, if I am able to KNOW that my skin care is good for me? So I went on and ordered a few basics to simply replace my existing palette and routine.

 Then Lisa messaged me, and we decided to get on a call. I’m not one to remember a list of facts, but I remembered two things (well, maybe more, but here are the two major ones)

  1. 1938 that the last Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was passed.

  2. Beautycounter sets out to raise awareness, to educate, so that we can change this. That as a group, we go to Congress to bring about change through demanding more comprehensive legislation and stricter regulations.

 Fact is:

There shouldn’t be Asbestos in your child’s make up, let alone yours. But did you know that asbestos often contaminates talc through the mining process? Talc is in many beauty products? So, the risk of asbestos included in a cream or powder you are using is unfortunately high. Asbestos is very well known for causing cancer and lung disease. Until there are strict regulations that match that of the EU, we will have no way of knowing. Beauty companies are free to brew their concoctions to their needs and margins.

Toxic products such as mercury, lead and chromium, all of which have been found in various products, will lead to endocrine disruption (hormone production), cancer and negatively impact reproductive health.

Bottom Line:

 I am not asking you to run a seven-minute mile. I am not asking for impossible things that will require time and effort. You don’t even have to sweat. This is something we use on a daily basis, so why not be reassured that the ingredients are safe for our health? I am just scratching the surface of becoming aware of the reality of the beauty industry.

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey and to learn more about including safer products in your daily life.

What I want you to do are three things, and if you only do one, that is ok: But do #1:

  1. Go to your shelf and look at your products and google their ingredients

  2. Click on the links in this post

  3. If all of your products are completely clean from the 1400 banned ingredients, I want you to post on this article and celebrate yourself! If not, then choose one product to exchange for one that is clean at

I am here for you to send you more links and share with you what I will learn in the future. Join me! A little goes a long way…