Eagleman 70.3: 2015

Triathlon training and races are much more about life than just racing and performance. Life lessons are learned with each step. The longer the course and harsher the conditions, the more grueling each step becomes and consequently deepens each lesson. That is why I became a different person when I crossed the finish line at IRONMAN Lake Tahoe 2013 and why yesterdays experience at Ironman Eagleman 70.3 was no different in gathering experience, data and life lessons. 

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: The Ironman Journey That Opened A Can Of Worms

I am 100% certain that you have NEVER wished for a magical crystal ball so you can see the “what if” consequences of your decisions and what awaits for you in the future! :-)

My question is, if I would have known all the things that would change after I crossed the finish line of Ironman Tahoe, would I have still trained for this race and taken on this journey?

Looking back on it all, I can confidentially say: “No, I would not have had the courage back then to sign up and commit to do an Ironman because all the things that followed were crazy hard and took tons of courage; I honestly didn’t think I would have it in me!” Today I know better.

So, it is a GOOD THING that I didn’t have a crystal ball.

A different perspective on the same topic:

If you had a crystal ball for the first date you went on with your now spouse/long term partner would you still go on the date? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

But really, how is this different from seeing that one action lead to a series of positive consequences… not like relationships don’t take courage, faith and a lot of hard work….

So back to my Ironman Journey:

During the 140.6miles on that memorable day I transformed into a different person. I became someone that gladly takes on challenges, finds comfort in solitude, appreciates consistency and incorporates a hard training plan also on a consistent basis.

This was not me when I started training for an Ironman.


I took a few moments to collect my top "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" transformations of having adopted the triathlete lifestyle.


The Good

  • Choosing an early bed time over going out dancing.

  • Not eating only for the joy of it, but because food is medicine and food is energy. So bring on the healthy!

  • Craving swimming whenever you see a large body of water.

  • Finely tuned in with my bodies health.

  • Daily training and weekly training load to 15+ hours.

  • Achieved a level of fitness I never thought I could have.

  • A career-change into the health industry. Endorphin high got me wishing everyone was high!

  • Opening a business build around the idea that “every day you can do something for your health.”—-hard lesson learned: not everyone wants to do something every day

  • My Day is built around my workouts, not the other way around

  • Understanding the limitations of my body, but at the same time dreaming big!

  • Enjoying solitude

The Bad

  • Travel always means Swim/Bike/Run incorporation.

  • Soreness and levels fatigue are ever present.

  • Driving hills and thinking about shifting and pedaling efficiency.

  • Making people understand this is not a temporary state of being, but a lifestyle.

  • Brittle Hair, Nails, Dry Skin

  • Tan Lines

  • Understanding it will never get easier, we just get faster

  • Wearing sports bras daily to cut corners in the locker room.

  • Multiple gym memberships to accommodate workout schedules and locations.

The Ugly

  • Not understanding why not everyone is high on endorphins.

  • Feeling frustrated with the majority of people for “not finding motivation to workout for 1 hour.”-It could be so easy.

  • Bikini Area issues (females) is never ending...

  • Realizing 5 am is the best time to wake up.



Race Review: USAT Age Group National Championships 2016

As I had briefly mentioned on Instagram, I made the mistake of looking towards the end goal of a “Top 18 AG” Finish. Now I know to not focus on the goal, but on the process, but I couldn’t help but keep this in the back of my mind. I simply wanted to qualify for Team USA! I think what tempted me was the relatively easy qualification for this race. I participated in local Olympic Distance Triathlons because it seemed to fit my schedule and where I was physically and mentally this season. I just happened to finish all races in Top 5 in my Age Group.

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