A New Challenge

Day 2 April Challenge: Starting A New Habit

Starting on day 2 is already difficult for me. The perfectionist in me says "come on, you can catch up having missed just one day!" But this is not how this goes. Since I only signed up yesterday, today is officially my day 1. 

This morning Jeff Goins email arrived in my inbox with the assignment to spend our 500 words on planning on this challenge will be about. 

Looking ahead for the month of April, I know I will not run out of topics to write about. The challenge was and is, that I write consistently. That I start pushing posts out. 

So my goal for this challenge is to write consistently every day. The subjects will come to mind. They will be about triathlon, writing and finding the balance between the two and challenges that present themselves. 

You would think that writing 500 words a day is quite simple. But the truth is this is about building a new habit. And I have attempted this challenge twice before and have failed. I am currently faced with the challenge that I don't write a lot because I can't seem to find "The perfect time."

I have come to realize that any new habits really do start with small behavior changes. You must be thinking "duh....ah yes! Obviously." More than that, though, it is less about planning, more about "Just Starting." So with this challenge, I will just start. I will not look back, I will not proof read, edit and rewrite. 

I have to jump over my nervousness to just post. Instead I will take pride in daring to put myself out there. I can tell that 500 words when you don't have a clue what to write about can become a little overwhelming. At this very moment I am barely at 300 words. 

So let's talk about hopes and expectations:

  • I expect of myself to not give up this time. 
  • I expect of myself to be ok with just posting what I have written, without checking it first. 
  • I expect to let my guard down and enjoy the process. 
  • My hopes are that by the end of the 31 days, I will have accumulated 31x500 words of whatever content. Most of it will probably never be read, but I will know that I have committed and successfully executed this challenge. 
  • My hope is that I will be closer to having buil a new habit. 
  • My hope is that I will have dropped the need to find the perfect time, spot, and mood to write. Just like I can start running even if I don't feel like it, I want to get to a point where I can write even if I don't feel like it. 

I am hopeful because I like where my website content is headed. I am hopefully because I have already started writing more since a few weeks. So perhaps this challenge is the next boost I need. 

Cheers! Have a great week! Let's get writing!