It's A New Day

Day 3 April Challenge: Starting a New Habit

Alright! I am feeling pumped for this Monday morning. 

I got up at 5:15 am. My alarm clock didn't help me, but it was my body. Sure it felt like it was too early, but after I had come across this link

I realized that if I go back to sleep now, I will probably wake up groggy an hour later. Most likely because I will be mid sleep cycle when the Monday Morning trash trucks come around.

In general though, I do struggle with 5am, not because it is early, but because I fear I am robbing my body of important recovery sleep. Sleep is important for all of us, but for us athletes, it becomes imperative for daily training. I may have to take a nap later in the day to give my body some extra rest. But anyways, back to 5:15am.

So I got myself out of bed. Eyes are itching, using my iPhone for a flashlight I stumble into the bathroom and put on something comfy. While I prep the coffee machine I try my new allergy drug, Zyrtec. Let's see how magical it is!

Then I sit down to plan my week and my days. It has been quite a search for the perfect morning routine, and I am not sure if this one will stick. Although I am enjoying it a lot!

For all note taking, journaling and project planning needs I use my favorite of all notebooks Leuchtturm. It goes wherever I go; except the bathroom. 
For scheduling needs, I have been using the Day Designer. It is the right amount of feminine, girly, and domestic. I don't take it anywhere with me. Instead, I take a picture of the day's schedule just in case I need to access the information on the go. 
So after I lay out my big weekly goals in my Leuchtturm journal, I break and allocate the different tasks onto the next five days. This way I can measure how much gets done and adjust for the following week. 

That whole process took a good hour to do. 

That whole process took a good hour to do. 

Another reason I am feeling pumped this morning is that my partner, who is NOT A MORNING PERSON, got up early. As a gift to improve his overall health, I got him a Peloton Bike. It is very different from cycling indoor on a trainer. 
For the last weeks, we had set up his road bike, which in my opinion is the wrong size for him, on a trainer. I realized how difficult it is for noncycling aficionados to find motivation on a non-engaging indoor trainer. We all love Zwift, love tracking watts and getting into the zone. But for the general fitness enthusiast, the indoor trainer is a pain. 
Peloton is a really neat concept. It turned the classic spin bike into matt black. Which is already awesome. Then it attached a big ass screen to it and streams live classes, which then get stored in an On Demand library. So now, you can attend a spin class at 6:30 am at home! The instructor is VERY HIGH ENERGY, and it is a complete system, so you see your heart rate, cadence, power, distance, speed and resistance. 
The class is about to get done, and I hear him huffing and puffing. This is awesome! 
So now it is 7:10am, and I have completed my 500 words. I have planned my week, and my partner is almost done with his workout before his workday. 
5:15am wake up works. Simple. 

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