On Failing

Day 4 April Challenge: Starting a New Habit

Today I am going to silence my inner critic and continue to write without editing.

My to-do list is on my mind this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently hooked on the Day Designer. I enjoy using the planner, and it has about, est. 17 spaces for to-do items.

And you know what I JUST noticed, the To-Do spaces are aligned with the hours in the day! Right now my mind is perplexed! That makes a lot more sense now to plan the to do’s in accordance with the hours in the day. There probably shouldn’t be ANY to-dos during times that are reserved for meetings (they have their own agendas), or in my case, training. If anything, the training session should be included.

Is this why I always just complete 2/3 of my daily tasks? Is this why I often feel like I am not accomplishing enough? Am I being unrealistic with myself?

I think this is exactly the reason.


So what I will do after I complete my 500 words is use an old day and re-write and re-plan my day and lay it side by side and see what the outcome at the end of the day is going to be like.

Looking back

I always have enjoyed staying organized. I profoundly adore journals, paper products, planners, writing materials and can easily get bored and overly critical if a product does not meet my requirements.

For example, I don’t like Moleskin Notebooks.


Because they are just slightly narrower than my Leuchtturm notebooks. That extra centimeter that is missing in the Moleskin makes a difference when I am writing things down. The format is just far more pleasing to me.

My favorite memory regarding organization was from grade school. I had this electric blue Filofax that had yellow, red and green borders. It had a little loop to close the binder up with.

I purchased myself a type of Filofax a few months ago and loved it, but it was useless. The small pages didn’t hold anything substantial, and I ended up just schlepping it around with me instead of using it.

This is where my Leuchtturm notebook keeps coming back to me. It is so simple. It is flexible. And it is archivable, meaning in a few years, I will have a shelf full of notebooks that keep track of what I was doing. A nice thing to start adding to this notebook would be to journal from time to time about how I am.

I think the dangerous thing though is, that you keep important notes but don’t take the time to transfer that information to a place where you can access the information quickly.

But yes, I think it is time to reorganize my day and look how differently it goes.

Follow up:

The left image used the to-do list as just that, a list. Fill it up to the top! Maximum Productivity!!! The right image shows you what careful planning will do to the to-do list. I  had to chop my list by over 50% and make sure I am getting the right tasks completed. The tasks circle in red need to be postponed, and the green tasks are the ones that will be attended to today.