The Most Important Day In Your Life Is When You Can Say

Day 5 April Challenge: Starting A New Habit

Some people online say that today is your most important day of your life.

Today is a day that is unwritten. It is yours to make! You can let all shackles off and create the day of your dreams! 

Today is the day you take giant leaps towards your big goals! The day you become a new you, a better you. 

Well, this morning I open up my Day Designer and what felt so full of potential on Monday morning, namely to have planned the entire week ahead, seems more like a suffocating page turn this morning.  *Get's up for another cup of coffee. It's hump day. Motivation will start to drop*

Instead of being confronted with a beautiful white page, I already have five things lined up that need to get done today. And I don't want to do any of them.

So today is not going to be the most important day of my life- at least not according to my planner!!!

But then I read a post on another Facebook group yesterday. About a woman, in her mid-50s. A triathlete and an individual that requires a tremendous amount of external motivation. Her goal is to qualify in her Age Group for The World Championships. But just recently her coach of 3 years decided to stop coaching her. Away fell all her motivation and believe in herself to be able to reach this goal.

This post saddened me, but it also resonated with me. It once again confirmed to me, how crucial camaraderie and the support of a network is. The woman reached out to an online group that could most likely provide her with solutions. No matter how big or small your goal is, the support of others is vital to make your dreams happen. But there was another thought that was triggered. 

I also felt a type of helplessness with her case, because I realized something had not happened internally/psychologically yet.

As you know, I spend so many hours chasing after my dream of qualifying for my Professional card in the sport of triathlon. And as I have expressed before, it may never happen; which is ok. 

But as I have focused on the process towards that goal, something happened with my mindset and my image I have of myself. I began taking myself, and my quest for personal excellence, seriously. I gave all the effort I put in, the time of day it deserves. The focus, attention, and respect that I earn for myself day in and day out. I started thinking of myself that I am a professional at this sport and that I do… kick butt. 

Just like an accountant goes to work and crunches number, I show up to my training session performing the work. 

Just like this April Challenge of completing 500 words a day starts a habit of crunching words out as they come and to take down all the walls and inhibitions we have of putting words to paper. My goal for this challenge is also, that somewhere in the near future on my journey in writing, I too see myself as a professional at this craft. 

With this string of thoughts, I realized that the most important day in your life is the day you finally look at your reflection in the mirror and profoundly, internally, feel with all your heart that “You Are a Professional.”

So with anything you want to pursue personal excellence in, focus on the process of establishing consistent habits, day in and day out, even if you don't feel like it. Then witness yourself turn Professional.

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