April Came and April Went: Wrapping Up My #AprilChallenge

We are already two weeks into May and this officially marks the end of the April Challenge.

Have you ever started a challenge? One of those “in-30-days-I-will-be-better” challenges? Well, I have and unfortunately, I didn’t meet my expectations. At the beginning of April, I challenged myself to write 500 words each day. This is based on the basic math, that in 100 days, you could have a full-length book draft if you focused on producing content for that book. That seems like a pretty amazing deal to me. Well, unfortunately, I failed to prepare for the travel abroad and the impact jet lag would have on me. I spun out of control for almost 10 days and there went my challenge.

The importance of having group support

There is actually something useful to Facebook after all! I reached out to my 500-word group and told them about my disappointment in following through with 30 days in-a-row. They were nothing but supportive. I rationally understand that this is nothing to be upset about, but someone I did feel like a failure. They encouraged me to see it not as consecutive days, but rather to make it a point to get to the number 30. Life happens and it is up to you on how you are going to handle that challenge.

Lesson Learned

Starting a new habit is really tough. I also realize that I am so easy to always find new things that can easily derail me. The hard part here is to work on something consistently, day in and day out. If I am going to reach my goal of writing that book that wants to come out, I must harness the art of productive writing and write consistently. I will not give up until I have hacked what I need as a writer to succeed.

Positive did come out of this

I actually did adopt a new habit and I am writing consistently. I have managed to line up a blog I am very happy with although it is far from being where I want it to be.

My current struggle is about how to best organize for content visibility. Any thoughts readers?

I have systemized my blog production routine and have gotten over the fear of posting on a regular basis.

So even if the challenge wasn’t perfect, I have taken positives from it and I am glad I took the plunge.

What will your next challenge be?