Spotify playlist for your weekend rides!

Happy Friday! 


It is Friday afternoon and I am just reviewing the week and the past weeks of training. A huge sense of accomplishment just overcame me as I am seeing LOTS of green! That means for the past month, I have been training consistently! Check out my recent post on Consistency and focusing on the basics


I will keep this post short, because I wanted to create a playlist for anyone that needs some fresh music to jam to while heading into your long rides this weekend! So I grabbed some Lily's Almond Chocolate and pulled a perfect espresso shot before getting started on it. 

Thoughts that went into this playlist

Total Length: Ca 80 minutes, so not too long.

Purpose: Get motivated, have fun, and some songs to turn up the heat.

Song 1-3: Building, starting out, motivating, getting going

Song 4-6: Picking up the pace but staying in the zone, enjoy it, get excited. 

Song 5-7: Do some hard work. These are my power songs. I use them on every interval session. Especially Eminem Till I drop.

Song 8-15: Keep intensity high and feel a consistent tension on that chain.

Song 17-19: Wind down.

Be safe this weekend, ride well, ride smart and recover smarter!