Lesson 4: Be less German. Be More Italian.

Once upon a time, three years ago, in a universe far far away, full of innocent hopes and dreams, I sat down across from my former coach Matt (purplepatch) and said: “I want to be pro at this sport.” Call me silly, heck, call me a megalomaniac. He maneuvered the answer well back then without crushing my mojo. We set a more realistic goal: Qualify for 70.3 World Championships.  

There are a few mantras I follow:

-Go big or go home.

-What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

-At least I tried. 

-Now is the time. 

-Why shoot for mediocre, if you can aim for awesome.

-The sky is the limit. 

-So what if I aimed for the bull's eye, if I get close, I will still be better than if I would have aimed only for the triple ring. 

-Have the courage to follow your dream. 


Since then I have put my feet on the ground. The compass remains set on my big goal, but I am also far more realistic at this point. This is a hard sport. I will be ok if I never get close to reaching the level required for qualifying for my pro card, but until then, I will do everything I can to reach it. 

Two years had passed, and I was seeing significant improvements but not getting anywhere near my goal. So I freaked out a little bit and said to Matt “I only have three more years to do this. I must start thinking about family eventually. I mean, heck, I can’t do both!!! There is not enough time!”

All he said was, or all I remember was “Be less German. Be more Italian.”

And I understood then and there.

As much as you think you can plan your life, this is not how this game is played. My task is to focus on the process, and let the training develop as it will. Allow for a less planned future and more magic. Telling myself that I only have three years or else I will never have a chance, is unnecessary pressure that doesn’t help the daily grind of showing up to train. It may take four years; it may take five. Perhaps it will take seven years. Or perhaps never. But I am in control whether to change or stay on course. So for now I will analyze less and just lean in and do the work. If I get closer to my goal, I will know ahead of time. After all, speed doesn’t develop over night. 


Have you ever felt that pressure of a ticking clock? Ever set yourself an unrealistic time frame for a huge goal you are trying to achieve? I would love to hear from you if that is the case! You can find me on Facebook or send me a direct message here