On Being Lazy

When I hear that someone is not working out, engaging in regular and frequent movement, I get pretty passionate. I guess that is to be expected from a triathlete and a Fitness Coaching Business Owner. I can’t NOT be excited about getting you active, off the couch and back to your health. I profoundly care for your health and the fact that participating in an activity, pushing and discovering your limits, will, I guarantee you, make you feel better, more focused, more energized and, this is what it is all about, live a happier and far more fulfilled life.

That isn’t to say you don’t frustrate the living daylights out of me that I get so overwhelmed by emotions that I get bossy and a little bit like a fitness dictator. Your endless excuses, your reasons for why you can’t do something drive me out of my skin. When you don't make time to exercise or train towards a goal every cell in my body gets agitated. I profoundly dislike it when you think you have to relax on the couch for 5 hours after you have sat all day in your office.

I get it.

Starting off to move more than what you are used to is hard to do. There is nothing easy about getting healthy and getting fit. Matter of fact, soreness is painful. It is debilitating. Sweating, I hear, can itch on your skin and make you feel miserable. 

The truth is; It never gets easier, you just get fitter.

What don't I get is that you don’t see this as enough of a problem and priority to make a change. No one is asking you to run a marathon. We are just trying to get you to move more. I don’t understand that you lack the ability to look 10-20 years into your future. You have plenty of examples around you showing you what happens when an active lifestyle wasn’t part of that life. The outlook is grim at best.

So you think this is about looking better? Wrong. 

Sure, your skin complexion will improve, your body will feel tighter, and your clothes will fit you better. But that is not why I get bat-shit crazy whenever I hear or see someone not taking care of their health.
This is about the health of your body internally. Your whole blood health, your blood pressure, your circulation, the oxygen supply, your body’s ability to handle oxygen, your energy production,  your muscle mass, your hormone levels, total fat mass, your visceral fat. I admit some genetically predisposed conditions require medication. But then you better be getting off your butt every day and participate in a lifestyle that is supporting that medicine, so that instead of upping your dose next time you see the doctor, you can either stay leveled or even reduce the dosage. I will not get off your case unless you are trying every day to eat in a way to make you healthier and participate in an activity to help with your condition. 

This is about preventing chronic inflammation caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and causing diseases like acid reflux, cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, bronchitis, chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease,  UTIs and making your body susceptible to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

NONE of these diseases are about looking better.

They are about feeling good. feeling better.

This is also about your mental health. Your CAN DO attitude; Your I CAN, and I WILL achieve my goal perspective. Your ability to push through your perceived limit and setting new ones. This is about increasing your self-confidence, your outlook on life's ebbs and flows. Your ability to live your life long and healthy, move freely, without the need for painkillers or worse, without the need to say “I was once able to do this, but now, I can’t.” Why would you want to want to live the end of your years not being able to do something because your body has lost so much muscle mass, and developed chronic inflammation that you have other conditions that prevent you from living a full life? 

First and Foremost

You need to admit to yourself that you have a problem. Either you are overweight, a master at excuses, or haven't yet set your health as enough of a priority. Whatever YOUR reason is, you need to admit it. 

Just like an alcoholic in Alcoholics Anonymous says “ Hi, I am Fred, and I am an Alcoholic,” you must say, “Hi I am Susan, and I am an exercise avoidant human being.” 

Pass no judgment at yourself, just recognize the problem and then do something about it! The time is now to act and your body will thank you for it.


Here are my five steps for  how to get going

  1. Take more steps every day. Set a time during the day, and know that you are going to start walking. Start with 10 minutes and then increase it a little bit each day. No excuses, no off days, you start moving today. 

  2. Look at your foods, are they packaged? Then look at the ingredients. Can’t pronounce something? Please google it and read about it. 

  3. Buy a Fitbit, wear it and use it and then research local groups that get together to workout or look for the closest gym and invest in a personal trainer, health coach. You cannot do this alone. It takes a village. 

  4. Commit openly to it and have your friends, family, social media hold you accountable. 

  5. Drink more water. Buy yourself a Liter bottle.  Carry it with you and fill it up, add 500ml each day until you get to 4L.