Motivation: The Power of Your Mind

There are days when motivation is nowhere to be found. No matter how good things have been lately, no matter how much you have adjusted your schedule to be more consistent and available for training. A simple text from my fiancé today said it all “part of being human.” Ok…well, that still doesn’t help me. 

Having weekly check-in calls with my coach now is certainly a massive motivator in terms of having to get the training in, because I certainly don’t want to have to explain to him the million and one excuses I found why today was a great day to skip the workout. 

So to the pool I go. 

And was I glad I did.

It was a rather short set. 500 warm up, another 500 with different speeds for the pre set. Then a main set of 10x150yardsfaster each second round, followed by another 10x75 yards with paddles and a buoy, same speed. One pool length is 25 yards. 

If you aren’t a swimmer, imagine running around a track field. Regardless of your fitness level, just imagine a distance that takes about 2.5 minutes going a steady pace. Then each second time, you have to step it up, to the point where you are sprinting that distance. 

So not a terribly bad set to swim, but certainly one that is going to make your arms hurt, latest, when you put the paddles on. 


Today was about getting it in. Today was about being present. 


And I surprised myself.

I swam better than ever before. I focused only on the set I was doing and focused on getting it done today, the quicker the better, cause that meant it is lunch time. 


These are the days when you learn major lessons.


Your body is capable of so much more, but our mind often gets in the way. So when motivation is nowhere to be found, just start, you may surprise yourself.