Training Update: What have I been up to?

We are three months into 2017, and I still feel like the year just started. In large part because I became sick for three weeks out of the month of February, so February did not happen for me. 

But the truth is, so much happened in February. 


February 2nd I got to fly out to Boulder, Colorado to train with and meet my new coach Siri Lindley. We had exchanged a few emails and had a phone conversation. I was immediately mesmerized and empowered by her energy and the voice inside my head said “Take the leap. You can do this.”

I had been feeling the need for a change in training approach for almost a year. But experience taught me "Careful what you wish for." So I was reluctant to give into that feeling... at first.

I wasn’t even sure if Siri worked with Age Group Athletes, but I dared to ask her anyways, expecting a rather brief reply of “No, unfortunately not."

But to my surprise, she did.

So now I knew:

 This was the beginning of a new journey.

While in Boulder and going between the hotel, Siri and Bek’s house and Rally Sport, I drove around to take some pictures with my new camera and experiment with Adobe Lightroom. I find the mixture of hard training and quiet introverted work a winning combination.

Below are my favorite images of my three days stay in Boulder.



It was a solid few days of training. I had been following Siri’s Social Media for a while and so being able to take part in a few sessions felt simply right, like I belonged in that room. 

Team Sirius Coaches Camp in full swing!! Loving it!!!

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You can briefly spot me near the end when the camera swings out to the right: blue shirt, head down, sweaty:-)

I tucked myself into the back row. Swimming in 16F was an awesome experience. A frozen gear bag was a first for me. But perhaps this was also the reason of my inner ear and sinus infection? Lesson Learned.

A Quote I remind myself of daily: takes courage. takes courage.


Purplepatch Fitness Age Group Camp

I got to spend one day at home, switch my favorite Saucony Winter Boots for flip flops before heading off to Kona for the Purplepatch Fitness Age Group Camp. It is always a meaningful landmark at the beginning of the year. Lot’s of good training gets done, and you set yourself up for the year ahead. Well, upon arrival I felt the body aches come on. 

Fast forward four days, I was still completely bed bound with a sinus and inner ear infection.

I was unable to train, heck, unable to move. I knew I needed to talk with Matt, as I had committed to starting this new journey with Siri and there was no turning back now. 

I wanted to end my Purplepatch Journey with a bang. I wanted to push hard during camp and be present in training. Kona and the PPF Amateur Camp is where my journey had started five years ago, and I wanted to end it here. A meaningful ending.

But after a very supportive and positive talk with Matt, I realized I will always be part of the Purplepatch Family. I have seen PPF grow into what it is today and I have learned a tremendous amount from his philosophy, and I am a better person and athlete.

Now I look forward to expanding my horizons and seeing what the future holds. 

My Top 5 Purplepatch Lessons

1. When a session doesn’t go as expected, don’t get upset. Move on. Tomorrow is another day, another chance.

2. Focus on Process, consistency and nailing the basics. 

3. Basics are Consistency, Nutrition, Recovery.

4. Don’t be so German. Be more Italian. 

5. Dare. Dare to go hard. And then harder.

So where does that leave me now?

Well, I am training my butt off, discovering new levels of fatigue and fitness, making sure I don't get injured by nailing the basics, not getting upset if it doesn't go as planned and am having courage to dare to follow that voice. Now is the time.

Onward and Upward.