On Passion

Two weeks after travel and I am still analyzing the effects travel had on my mood, my energy, and my productivity. And while I can say that I pulled through the travel, ran every day and stayed true to my eating patterns, something was significantly off. I struggled to find inspiration and willpower to do the things that I want to engage with daily.

When you ask me about triathlon, I often will pull up the analogy of it being a type of religion for me. Take triathlon from me, and I will be left without a definition of the world, the cosmos, and the meaning of life.

While I am sitting here in the early morning hours, the house is still asleep, listening to the bird’s chirp, sipping my coffee and writing this post, I really wanted to write to you about how we all need fitness. Of course, you think, here is a triathlete who is always high on endorphins and wants everyone to drink the same cool aid. Well, you may be right, but I think there is more to that. What got me out of bed early to write and share my thought and post it with the world?


Triathlon is only the passenger on my vessel of passion, which, I believe, is the driving force in life.

Writing has joined in on this vessel and I discovered that it is a very balanced counterpart to Triathlon. It gives me energy, it brings me calmness and it excites me. It is something I can see myself do for a very long time. Just like triathlon.

Pursuing that which excites you and makes you feel good is something I really believe in and how we should fill the extra hours in the day with.

Honestly, I pity individuals that haven’t found something they get excited about. The one thing that gives them all the good vibes after they have engaged with it. Too many people are floating about their days, dragging to wake up only to sit in the office to drag back home. I am talking about an activity in which you must work towards something to achieve a result that makes you happy, or at least eventually will give you a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. That diligent work towards the result is what will give you all the satisfaction and excitement. It feels good to achieve something!

Dare to discover your passion, the one thing that excites you. And it may change, and that is ok. But find something that you can get bat-shit crazy about. I have tried uncountable things in my life and my recent garage clean up bears witness of that. Just to name a few: Horseback riding, wood carving, sculpture, silk painting, calligraphy, speed skating, ballet, cello, taekwondo, tennis, just to name a few. Some of those have stuck, and many of them haven’t. And that is alright.

How does this tie into wanting to write a post about Why everyone needs fitness? Well, when you discover that one thing that you really want to be able to do, your health will become far more important to you.

Because without health, we have nothing. So that will get you on the fitness trend sooner, or later, I believe!

So what passengers are you going to put into your vessel and sail away with?

Discover, Find the thing you are passionate about and then get after it!