On Making Choices

There are a few things in life I get passionate about. It usually is about empowering others to try something big. Usually, something big fitness related. I often have conversations with people wanting to try a Triathlon. My eyes usually light up as I get so excited for them. They feel good about it, but they stop pursuing that goal because of the swim. The swim is the most daunting of it all. I get it. It is scary. I have been there.

But I am not here to talk about the swim, no, but more about the courage and energy it takes to do this sport and really anything you have decided you want to excel at. Be more than average, more than mediocre.

So many times people tell me “Oh, I could not do that!” or “I don’t know how you do it! You must eat so much for all that energy.” The best one “I am just not like that, I just can’t do it.”

Sometimes, on my emotional-off days, I kind of just want to blurb out into the world:

“do you really think I was born this way??? Do you really think I have more energy during the day, more willpower available than you? NEWS FLASH! I have a body just like you have a body, I have genetics just like you have genetics, and I have inner demons just like you do. But I choose to deal with all of this in a different way. So stop finding excuses on why you can’t do it even if you wanted to.”

But today I have an emotional-on day, and you will find me to be far more sympathetic towards your opinion about what it takes. I get it, I am amazed by it too often times.

The truth is, we are no superheroes. And by “us” I mean any triathlete that figures out how to train consistently over years towards being the best they can be. This is not about times, placement, or qualifications. It is simply about those individuals that manage to get up after a long day and still get that session in.

Have you ever pulled two strong magnets apart? Yes, well, it is that hard and harder to do this daily grind.

  • But we have no other ingredients in our water as you do.

  • We have joints that ache, just like you do.

  • We have tasks list, excuses, reasons just like you.

  • We have wavering willpower just like you do.

  • We have genetics that may make some things harder, just like you do.

The difference is, we make a daily choice to go after it and get the work in, doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad day.

You have a choice to make and answer your question on how you are going to live your life and with what energy.

My coach Siri Lindley often tells me “Energy flows where focus goes.” And this is very true.

For the last couple of days, perhaps even a week, the swim has been crushing me. Even right now, I am writing this post instead of going to the pool.

This morning I exited the pool early, because, well, I was focusing on all the negatives and how crappy I was swimming and feeling, and so I gave my demons also known as the inner voices, or as you can read in my previous post, The Inner Pig Dog, to permit me to quit.

I reached out to Siri because I knew she could help me out of this rut. After several long texts of a mixture of tough love and motivation/inspiration, it resulted in writing down a mantra and pin it on the fridge.

And with this, I leave you, because I choose right now to get off this chair and head to the pool to get my session in and proof to myself that I am stronger than my lack of willpower.

Now go out there and shine your bright light.