Today is about hope

The light shines bright onto your choices today as they cast the shadows of your tomorrow. Choose wisely;

Today is yours to seize and mine to make.

Let today be about moments not tasks.


But take heed, the brightest hours of the day are also the quickest to fade.

They rush and gush by you, in an instant, gone in the blink of an eye.

Experiences left un-lived. 


Let today be about your victories over failures.

Overcome your challenges; master your weakness. 



Focus today not on time blocks but let time take its course.

Shape your day by your choices.

Create your shadows for tomorrow.


Soon the weaning sun drapes orange hues on your day.

Don't wither away.

Breath and straighten up, look up and know you can experience more.

Long shadows of your day appear with the setting sun, but you are still alive, breathing, living and loving.

The shadows of tomorrow are cast by your choices today.


When the clock strikes time and you can go no further, fall asleep fulfilled, accomplished and content. 

For tomorrow brings another day with the rising of the sun. 

Where there is light there will always be a shadow.

So fill the light so your shadows of tomorrow don't feel so dark.