A Quick Recipe with an Update

Day 17. Update

#EarlyToRise and #my500Word Challenge

These have been interesting 2 weeks! Generally making it a point to wake up earlier to write only brings good things. 
I am more organized, more energized and feel far more productive. More than that, I feel like I am starting to take my writing to a new level and giving it also more attention, which in return gives me plenty of good feelings.

With that said, I have started to slack on the posting. There were a few days, particularly the weekend of heavy training, that I had to make the choice between Task A or Task B. But it wasn’t going to be both. 
Am I bummed out that my momentum of the previous two weeks as weaned? Of course I am!

But there is no magic in sprinting the first mile of a marathon and then coming to a screeching halt. Let’s figure out the average pace and hold that. So in my case, it may be 3 polished posts/week! We shall see!

I also had to take a few mornings off the earlier rising challenge as I simply needed sleep to recover.

So the lesson here is obviously to not feel like a failure if you had to make the call to skip a few days. Don’t judge, just get back into the rhythm when time permits. 

As for my 500 words? So far so good, I have been writing every day for a minimum of 500 words, even if they are not published right away. 

Here a very simply and quick recipe for those evenings you want a hand’s off meal!


  • seasonal vegetables
  • rosemary twigs
  • olive oil
  • sliced almonds
  • red chili flakes
  • salt/pepper
  • maple syrup
  • salmon 
  • pine nuts/feta optional

Vegetables (what you have in the fridge)

  • asparagus
  • broccoli
  • red onion
  • red bell pepper


  • olive oil heated (not smoking) and two rosemary twigs. Infuse the oil to give it a slight hint. 
  • toss in the vegetables. The tougher ones first, the softer ones last. 
  • Stir it at medium heat. 
  • Add pine nuts for the crunch factor
  • For seasoning.
  • Red chili flakes and salt/pepper.
  • If you would like a bit more flavor, put in some cubes of feta cheese! YUMMY!


Salmon -those healthy anti-inflammatory Omega 3s! Get ‘em!

  • Oven at 350F uncovered. 
  • Brush your salmon with olive oil and maple syrup mixed with Chilli flakes and salt. 
  • Cover it with sliced almonds!
  • Place in oven. Voila! Done!now just make sure your almonds don’t burn. Otherwise 20-30min depending on thickness.