On Waiting

We wait at the doctors office.
We wait at the bus stop.
We wait in line.
We wait at the red light.
We wait in traffic. 
We wait on life to happen. 

Waiting means staying in place with no purpose other than to wait for what comes next. Waiting is an empty time slot in your day and in your life, that will never be given back. When we wait on something, on someone, for something, for anything, we make the choice that nothing else is more important than this one thing! 

One of the surest things in life is that time moves forward. A minute will pass, so will a day, a week, a month and a year. 

Don’t just sit there waiting for it to pass! Grab the time and fill it with anything. Give the waiting a purpose. 

Waiting at the doctors office? Bring a book. on your phone or in print.
Waiting at the bus stop? Soak up some podcasts and expand your knowledge.
Waiting in line? Observe the people around, focus on your breathing, think about your day.
Waiting at the right light? Do some neck curls, tighten your glutes, put on a happy song and start wiggling around! It will boost your mood.
Waiting in traffic? Grab an audiobook or listen to pod casts again!
Waiting on life to happen?
Find your purpose. Create. Dare. Go out and make something happen. 

Waiting on something is not like relaxing and doing nothing.
Relaxing and doing nothing has a purpose, namely exactly that.
Waiting is an uneasy state of not feeling content with your current position in life, expecting for the next thing to occur by itself while you purposeless sit there simply watching the seconds creep by. 

I find myself waiting every so often. It doesn’t make me happy when I do, and I remind myself to fill each moment with purpose and use my time wisely.

I wait for the next family visit.
I wait for the next training plan to be uploaded. 
I wait for my business to get more clients. 
I wait for my body to adapt to become faster and stronger. 
I wait for this magical email to appear and say my essay will be published. 
I wait for allergies to be over with.

I think we all have it in us to wait on something for something. For something to magically appear and be handed to us. To make this journey a little bit more clear and a little easier. To wait for a sign that we have chosen the right path.

But I remind myself again and again, don’t wait on something to happen. Go out and look for it. You may not find what you were looking for, but you will find something worth while.

So get up and out of your seat, tell yourself now "I refuse to wait any longer!"