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Welcome to my site! It is a place to share all my experiences in Triathlon and publicly document my Writing Journey. 

I’m Anna Hertel and I primarily swim, bike, run, lift weights and am a Master Student at California College of the Arts and I own a business INTENTIO Fitness Coaching. That's a lot. I know!  

My website is committed to Balance.

bal·ance : condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Balance is really hard to find when you want to pursue excellence. For the last couple of years I did a lot of research on time management and looked at others and how they created balance. It only confused me that much more.

Some of the questions I keep asking are:

  • How do people find balance in their life?

  • How do people juggLE different conflicting responsibilities?

  • What techniques do people use?

  • How do people not loose their mind?


I had to find these answers for myself to focus on the work I must do to be the best I can be in the sport of triathlon and pursue my dream of publishing a book.


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"How your limitations dictate your balance"

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"Why I Write"


I ALSO invite you to follow my journey!

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My goal is to leave you feeling inspired, empowered and give you useful knowledge to apply to your life.


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