Purplepatch Fitness Interview by Matt Dixon (coach) 2018

 At just 34 years of age, Anna Hertel will likely never compete at another IRONMAN.  Five years ago, that concept would’ve been devastating and unimaginable because, like a lot of people, triathlon was her identity.

Anna’s story is one of growth; growth as a human even in the midst of overwhelming adversity, which has come hard and fast in all facets of her life.

This is also a story of finding your place within endurance sports even when the sport you love must cease.

What has emerged from the chaos is a mature and patient mindset - a mindset filled with purpose and gratitude and her lessons resonate universally:

  • Stop being in a hurry

  • Meet your body where it’s at - not where you think it’s at

  • Check your internal health and journal your personal progress; not just the data

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

And, as Matt Dixon says, “Keep the sport fun. Give yourself permission to enjoy it. Training is super, but it isn’t YOU.”

What a powerful evolution, indeed.

 Team HOTSHOT Interview 2016

Triathlete Anna Hertel: No Longer Limited By the Pain of Muscle Cramps - Hotshot

Anna = abdominal cramps. A broken heart got triathlete Anna Hertel into triathlon in 2008. In her attempt to impress a boy, Anna figured if she managed to finish a triathlon he would surely want her back. She signed up for her first tri, a local sprint, and ended up winning her age group.